Wisdom, Love, Peace & Joy

It seems like the year has flown by and we are excited to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a season of thanksgiving and a season for remembering that Jesus Christ was born just for us. Like many of you, I thank God daily for giving us His son. When I think about Jesus, my soul shouts Hallelujah! I really don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for Him.

As I reflect over our year, I see how God has been working everything for our good, even when it didn’t and doesn’t feel like it. Both kids have accomplished great milestones. Though my daughter continues to work on her temperament and knowing when to fight battles and went to be still, I know that with maturity comes wisdom. She is maturing through her difficulties and I am as well. Today, I watched her study for over an hour, all on her own. Her voice, strength, resilience and fight are gifts from the Lord. Once she gets a better grasp of her emotions and how to respond effectively, she will be unstoppable.

My son stared rejection in the face and told rejection that He serves a God who gives him talent, strength and endurance to keep pressing forward no matter what he faces. In the past 4 months, I’ve watched him dedicate his time to his priorities. He puts the work in on and off the court. He works on rainy days and when his body is sore and aching. And this past week, he was able to see what it looks like, feels like and sounds like when God exalts him…taking him on a slow ascension from last, heading toward first. He is still figuring out his intelligence, his strength and all of his talents. He too will be unstoppable when it all comes together.

I’ve finally settled on the fact that complaining adds nothing to our lives. It only takes away. And more importantly I am aware that there are times when I create my own frustrations. Wisdom is a beautiful thing and peace is absolutely gorgeous. Running my race is important. I can’t take on the works or worries of everyone else. I will not complain especially when there’s no reason. I am no longer clinging to dysfunction. I am in a season of grace and favor. I want the best for others but I now know that I cannot run the race for them. Not even for my children. I can train them and share wisdom but I cannot cross out of my line to run my race and theirs. I will continue to pray for my loved ones, pray for myself and pray for this world, but I will not be consumed with what I cannot control.

Once I truly allowed this to sit in my Spirit, peace overtook me. Glory to God! I speak openly with my children, especially when there’s an opportunity for them to learn from my errors. This is a powerful lesson that will hopefully spare them some heartache and anxiousness. I pray that they will run their race and run it well and I plan to do the same. I must demonstrate what it looks like to have peace and joy even when faced with storms. I must show them that with wisdom comes better decisions. There will be times when we stumble and may even fall but we will get up, get back in our lane and keep running our best race.

With that said, I desire the same for you. If anything this year caused you frustrations or increased anxiety, this is the perfect season to let it go. Like right now. If you can’t change it, let it go. Ask for wisdom knowing that God will give it to you. And when He answers, do what He says. He is not a God of confusion and will make it plain.

And please don’t let the gift of giving cause you stress. This season has never been about spending a lot of money but society made it that way and we conformed. I’m thankful for wisdom in that area also. Give within your means and according to your heart but most importantly, give your hearts, give your smiles, give your love, give your time, give peace and spread joy found in the Lord. ❤

May God’s peace and grace be with you as we keep pressing forward.




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