June 19th – Let’s Celebrate!

Juneteenth commemorates June 19th of 1865 when Texas slaves found out about the announcement ending slavery. This announcement was signed by President Lincoln in January of 1963. It’s a day worthy of being celebrating by all yet I often wonder do people understand why we celebrate this day. I praise God for the day that this nonsense ended. I praise God for the abolitionists and trailblazers who were courageous in their fight for freedom.

There are times when I look around and I am deeply saddened by what I see. Do we as a people truly understand that our mindset and actions are at times aligned the oppressor or slave master and that our harm is self-inflicted at times?

Self-inflicted captivity:

If we do not emphasize the importance of education in our homes, we are in bondage. If we use abusive, demoralizing language and abusive, demoralizing conduct in our homes, we are in bondage. If we encourage or engage in criminal activity, we are in bondage and many times hurting our own people. If we treat ourselves as property with little to no value, we have oppressed ourselves. This is self-inflicted capitivity. I challenge us to be bold and courageous and change our today and tomorrow.

Let’s commit to building ourselves and others up instead of tearing one another down. Stop holding one another back and being cold and callous, backstabbing our brothers and sisters. Stop killing one another. Stop abusing, verbally and physically. Stop giving yourselves to someone who doesn’t treat you with respect and openly acknowledge his or her love for you. Start loving. Start striving. Start building. Start helping. Start telling on those who harm. Let’s commit to affirming and declaring the promises of God. Let’s commit to breaking unhealthy cycles and living our best lives. Whom the Son has set free, is free indeed. Let’s live in freedom, focusing on the purpose over our lives and leaving behind the thoughts, actions and people who hold us hostage. Let’s be courageous. Let’s be the change. Let’s celebrate our past, our today and the days yet to come.

May God’s peace and grace be with you as we keep pressing forward.

Happy Juneteenth!



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