Thankful, Grateful & Truly Blessed

On the 27th, I posted:

We can focus on what we don’t have or we can focus on what we do have. Life may not look the way we want, but we should love ourselves and appreciate the fact that we have been given one more day to get it together…one more day to make a difference. There is someone who needs us: our time, our talent, our investment, our knowledge, our presence, our support and most of all our love. Remember, whatever we focus on becomes magnified in our lives. I am blessed, my children are blessed and those around me are blessed. #PositiveOverNegative

On the 28th, we woke up, like any other day, getting ready for school and work. While combing my daughter’s hair, she slumped over and said she was dizzy and needed to rest. I immediately text a few people for prayer. I remained calm and told her that she just needed to eat and drink because she slept a lot over the past 2 days. We dropped off my son, picked up breakfast and she barely ate then laid across the back seat saying she didn’t feel right and needed to rest. She then said she was “seeing colors”, and started to cry asking what was wrong with her. I grabbed her hand and assured her that she was okay.

Inside, I was terrified and I fought back tears as I drove to Texas Children’s ER and called loved ones to let them know what was going on. Once we got there, I could also see the concern on the nurse’s face as I described what occurred. They quickly took us to the back and while they ran tests, I continued to text loved ones to inform or update them. In the midst of my texts, I received a message stating that a friend’s son was ill, I immediately prayed for both of our children then got in the bed with my daughter and just loved on her while the doctor and nurses came in and out. Her Dad had also showed up so that at least got her to smile a little. My phone continued to go off with people checking on us and prayers. Later that evening, another text came through stating that my friend’s son was being rushed to the hospital. The same hospital we had just left. The devil was and is a lie!

That very morning, I knew the enemy was not pleased with what I declared on the 27th. I immediately felt in my spirit that weapons will form BUT they will not prosper against me, my children and my loved ones! This was a faith or fear moment and my faith is strong.

Yesterday, the 29th, I received news that another friend hadn’t been feeling well and was going to see the doctor. Really… I thought to myself. Again, I knew exactly what was going on. This was a result of my declaration on the 27th. This morning, the 30th, I woke up from a deep sleep, in the early hours with a swirling mind. Many thoughts were running through my mind and doubt was about to creep in. I quickly gained control of my thoughts as I listened to my sleeping daughter and settled on the fact that we are thankful, grateful and truly blessed. I am thankful that my daughter is at home and doing well. I am grateful that my friend’s son is home and doing well and grateful that my other friend is doing well. I am blessed because I know God and He knows me. I am blessed to have Godly loved ones who immediately joined in prayer for my daughter and those around me. I am truly blessed because God showed himself strong in every one of our situations and I don’t take that lightly. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. In spite of the challenges we face at times, God is amazing!

This week has been a reminder to not take anything, anyone or any moment for granted. It was a reminder that some of the very things that have kept me up at night, don’t even matter. Our lives, our health and love for one another matter. What we do with our time while living matters. Weapons will form BUT they will not prosper. We will combat every attack with our faith, through prayer, expecting a move from God and having the willingness to do what He tells us. We will fight every attack covered by the Blood, courageously, expecting miracles! And I still declare that I am blessed, my children are blessed and the people around me are blessed including anyone who reads this message.

May God’s peace and grace be with us as we keep pressing forward.



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