The Law of Sacrifice

Today, I received a great reminder about the law of sacrifice while going over a John Maxwell book study with my team. In life, I will have to give up some things, places and people. I will have to walk away at times while some will walk away from me and some will be taken away from me.

Every time I give up something, I gain something – even in my toughest losses (it’s all about perspective). The toughest losses lead to an increased intimacy with God and a stronger dependence on him as well. Every time, I gain something, I realized I had to let something go even if it was temporary. Yet sometimes, it merely required a mindset change. I had to give up my limited view on life. If I believe all things are possible, I must live like I know it!

As I strive to live my best life in Christ, I am no longer settling. I will not hold on to mediocrity, to negativity, to fear, to sadness, to hurt, to unhealthy cycles, to anything or anyone that leads me away from God – leads me away from my destiny. Though I am thankful for daily blessings, I heard God saying He created me for more. It’s a season for my actions to always align with my words and for those around me to do the same. It’s time to step out in faith, be bold and courageous, demonstrate love through words and actions and expect the same from my circle.

I know who I am in Christ and that my best has yet to come. It’s time to experience peace and joy, in every season. It’s time for action and I will continue to give up what’s necessary, in order to rise up and live according to my purpose. I am being stretched. I am peacefully uncomfortable and I am thankful. Sacrifice can be uncomfortable; Obedience can be even more uncomfortable but both are necessary parts of life.

My heart is changing and my soul is being stirred. And even as I type with tear-filled eyes, I hear a soft whisper saying, “Good job. Share your story. Tameka, you were called for more. More than you have imagined. Yes you. The country little girl born in Nacogdoches, raised in Huntsville. You’ve given up a lot in your journey and have cried countless nights but you’ve always found strength in me. Don’t be afraid. Don’t give up. Don’t let go of my hand. You are safe in my arms so trust me, trust the process. All things are working for your good. Take up your cross and walk with me”. Without hesitation, I am saying yes. 90% of my time just won’t do. I am all in and walking fully with Jesus.

May God’s peace and grace be with us as we keep pressing forward.



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