Reflection: Every Moment Matters

Last night, I sat in silence and reflected over the day…over my life. I do this almost every night. I often assess what went well, what I can improve and any lessons learned. I was reminded of the value of one moment, the power of one interaction and the magnitude of consistency.

In our everyday lives we have the ability to plant seeds that can positively impact others and everyone around them. It’s in our actions: the way we act and react; the way we initiate communication and how we respond. It’s the life that we live, even when words are not spoken (in our homes, on our jobs, at church and in our communities) that serve as an example to others. The heart is powerful but the spirit is even more powerful. The spiritual growth is what grows the heart.

The heart shows in everything we do so I must always check my spiritual life to ensure that my heart is aligned with my spirit. Simple question: Am I who I say that I am (spirt, heart, words, actions)? More complex question: Am I who God purposed me to be? That one will make you pause but will push you to live your best life. That question, if taken seriously, sparks the strong desire to operate in your purpose at all times. It’s the question that exposes our reverence and love for God.

We lead someone every day, whether we realize it or not, and our words and actions are influencing them one way or another. We can speak life with our words but we must also believe the words in our hearts, and deep down in our soul. That’s how words align with actions. It’s a matter of the spirit and heart that controls what flows from our mouths and guides our actions. Spiritual progess can change the hardest of hearts and a major shift can happen suddenly, in just one moment. It happened for me. There is power in our words and actions. What we say, do, watch, listen to, who we hang with…everything matters so be mindful. Don’t let anyone, no matter their position, lead you to believe anything otherwise. Don’t let people say one thing then do another, call that behavior out. We should also expect for it to be called out in us, if we don’t model what’s right.

One moment with the right person can change someone’s life. We can’t ever dim our lights and must surround ourselves with people who help us to grow stronger and shine brighter. Iron really does sharpen iron. Our children, our mates, our extended family, our friends, our colleagues, our pastors, the community, this world needs our light. This world is in disarray and it also needs us to be sharp, bold and courageous. One moment of life giving interaction can turn mess into miracles; pain into purpose; sadness into joy; hate into love. All it takes is one meaningful moment. The world needs us to step it up, stay ready for when we are called, get off the sideline and get in the game.

May God’s peace and grace be with us as we keep pressing forward with purpose.



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