Divine Discomfort, Pt. 2

When I wrote the 1st blog about Divine Discomfort, I didn’t realize that it was only the beginning of my discomfort. Lately, I have been under attack: my name and my character. You know, the kind of things that could potentially affect people’s perception of who I am. I can remember sitting in my office thinking, “why?”. Then it turned to, “why me?”. I had a pity party. I had a small panic attack and have cried one too many nights. Why? All because of lies and malice.

Though I still struggle with understanding the why, the reality is hurt people, hurt people. I am not exempt from the lies. People lied on, talked about and betrayed Jesus so I needed to get it together. I have suffered a lot in my life but no one told me that this journey would be easy. There will be times when I do not fully understand the why, however the one and most important thing remains the same: God. The people who know me, know who I am and they know whose I am. That’s what matters.

I was reminded today that greatness is not achieved by worrying about what others think of me. My reward is knowing what God says about me. Weapons will form but they will not prosper and when God is for me, that is all that matters. So, I have been digging deep lately and reminding myself that God is working for my good, even when I don’t know exactly how. I can either pray or panic in this season so I choose to call out to the Lord who hears and answers. The greater the discomfort, the closer I grow to God. The greater the discomfort, I see my purpose more clearly. The greater the discomfort, the greater the peace (I couldn’t say that not too long ago). The greater the discomfort, the greater my strength in Christ. The greater the discomfort, greater is my God and I praise Him! Goodness and mercy follows me. My life is a testimony of that and I can’t wait to share the testimony that will arise from all of this!

No matter what comes your way, I hope that you will find encouragement and strength in God. We can’t grow weary and must tune out the noise. May His peace and grace be with you as you keep pressing forward.



2 thoughts on “Divine Discomfort, Pt. 2

  1. Psalm 91:11 For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; In the matchless name of Jesus you are blessed and protected!

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