Love: Say it, show it, cherish it ❤

The sermon: Tonight, I listened to a sermon on love and what it means. Condensed version: When you truly love the Lord and love others, you give your all. You give them so much more than bare minimum. You give your very best. You love at your maximum capacity.

Instantly, the sermon stirred something in me and I could feel a sea of emotions. I thought of how God loves me then I thought of my children and the love we share and as thoughts of all of my loved ones (on earth & in heaven) swirled in my mind, I settled on my sister and my Granny and smiled. Though called to their eternal resting place, their love has left a lasting imprint in my heart, my mind and deep down in my spirit that changed me forever.

Weeda: My sister loved me in a special way. I always and I mean always knew that she looked up to me, was proud of me and loved me. And she knew that I loved her deeply and would hurt anyone who tried to harm her. No matter how much we fussed, we loved in this indescribable, unique, sisterly way. She was my side kick and travel buddy whether I wanted her with me or not. Through it all, my goal was to protect her from the evils of the world. I really felt that I could. Especially from some of the evils that I knew all too well. And her goal was to brag on me and say she had the best sister in the world. At least, I think she said that. 👀😉😁 🤷🏽‍♀️She was my Weeda, my sister, my friend who now she looks over me and my kids, as one of our angels. I am thankful for the 16 years of love we experienced on earth but I miss her so much. However the truth remains that not even death has diminished our loved. And she still motivates me to be my best.

My Granny: Yesterday, actually 02.21.19 – since it’s after midnight, was the 12th anniversary of my Granny’s death. That day is typically no different than any other day because I miss her tremendously daily. She was my cheerleader. If I needed her she would drop everything and come running. She was my ride or die and I was the apple of her eye! She loved at maximum level! As I sat here thinking of the word love and what it is in action, I thought of the fact that I had a real-life example of what love looks like, sounds like and feels like from my Granny. She showed me love, not just verbally but in her caring eyes; the caress of her hand against my skin; the encouragement; the loving hug; the kisses smack on my lips, cheeks, eyes and anywhere else they landed; her pleading the Blood of Jesus over me when I became pregnant with Bryson; and coming to stay with me until he was born and she knew we were well. I am so thankful for the 32 years that I was able to experience her love. I am thankful that her prayers live on in my life and the lives of my children. I am thankful for the example that she showed me and that I am able to reflect some of her traits.

Tonight, I was reminded that though time waits for no one, we serve a God who restores the time we thought we lost. He desires for us to love at level that exceeds what people expect. Bare minimum is not good enough for Him or anyone else. I cannot love or live in this place of settling. This place of mediocrity. Though I am thankful for every blessing I have received this far, I am surrendering my ALL to God; committed to Him fully and desire to obey at all times; committed to loving at the maximum; and anticipate when God chooses to bless me at a level that far exceeds anything I’ve ever imagined. I believe this is a season to do greater, be greater and experience greater in Jesus’s name!

To end this night, I pulled out what I call a little bit of Lee, my keepsakes: her house dress, her watch and her perfume bottles. All these years later and I will spray just a little and the scent against my skin smells just like when she wore it. Though my bottles are practically empty now, just holding an item that she actually held means so much.

I hope you all are encouraged tonight to love at a maximum level: say it, show it, embrace it and cherish it!

May God’s peace and grace be with you.




2 thoughts on “Love: Say it, show it, cherish it ❤

  1. A wonderful tribute to how God placed unconditional love in your life that continues to produce even after death. It is so important to love to the MAXIMUM, because it will out live us. Love is an Action word. Continue to give it unconditionally and it does not come back void!!! To God be the Glory! A mighty word Tameka❤

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